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Snowmobile safari

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  • Beginner (20km)

    • Duration: 1,5 hours
    • Price: 160 € when 1 person / snowmobile, 195 € when 2 persons / snowmobile
  • Experienced (35km)

    • Duration: 2,5 hours
    • Price: 195 € when 1 person / snowmobile. Includes refreshments
  • Pro (50km)

    • Duration: 3,5 hours
    • Price: 260 € when 1 person / snowmobile. Includes refreshments

We also drive other distances. Minimum is 3 snowmobiles. Ask for a quatitation. Snowmobiles are insured. Deductible 1000 € / snowmobile. Driver must be 15 years old. Also driver license minimum class T is required. A moped or microcar lisence does not entitle you to ride a snowmobile. The minimum length of the driver and the occupant is 140 cm and the weight limit is 120 kg/person. The occupant must not be heavier than the driver.

We do not rent snowmobiles for private use.

Safari season 2024 has ended. Thank you for all our customers! See you next year! 

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Come and experience the sensations of Päijät-Häme's lake and ridge scenery. No previous experience is necessary because the guide will advice you the safe use of snowmobiles. Snowmobile safari can be chosen based on the skills of participants. You can choose everything from short beginner rides to long safaris for more experienced riders. Tour operator offers the necessary equipment (helmets hoods, overalls, boots, gloves) and guidance. 

We can arrange snowmobile events ranging from an hour-long snowmobile training to a full-day and full service snowmobile safari. Good snowmobiling routes, expert guides and a wilderness cook during the breaks will crown your group’s enjoyment. The Lehmonkärki area snowmobile route network is one of the best known in Finland: plenty of snowmobile competitions have been arranged here. The magnificent ridge scenery and the large and frozen Lake Päijänne offer exotic experiences that are unforgettable even for a more experienced snowmobile driver.

The safaris are arranged safely in a group as a tour or as a series of stops with different kinds of tasks in each for large groups. Before starting, we will dress up warm, familiarise ourselves with the snowmobiles and review safety issues. After training and check-ups we can start towards the agreed-upon destination. We will rest once in a while before continuing on. The safari day will be crowned by bathing in the sauna and dipping in the lake as well as a wonderful dinner.

The northern slopes of Salpausselkä ridge have always been the areas with most snow in this part of Finland, and we have been able to drive snowmobiles every winter.

You are welcome to join us on a snowmobile safari at Lehmonkärki!

Ari Yrjölä

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